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Browncoat WayStation will be debuting in 2021.  We are putting together a kickass con that will incorporate the nostalgia of the Old West, the romance and ingenuity of Steampunk, and the family feeling of Firefly Browncoats. 
Why WayStation? A brief definition:
way sta·tion
/ˈwā ˌstāSHən/ 
noun. a stopping point on a journey


Our goal is to establish ourselves as Southern California’s WayStation – a break from the typical convention in the form of an intimate fan experience where quality over quantity is the heart of our program. We aim to connect with like-minded fans, community, and fan events/organizations to provide an experience that will leave the attendees, volunteers, panelists, and guests feel as if they have attended a family reunion rather than an average convention. 

We are an eclectic mix of Southern California volunteers scattered from Los Angeles to San Diego.  Our core leadership has been running conventions, theatrical presentations, film and television programming, and other large venue events for decades. Collectively we bring 75+ years of charity-driven work to the table, with a history rich in raising funds to make a difference in our world. Through Browncoat WayStation, we hope to train and mentor the next generation to continue in these footsteps.

We aspire to work with fellow fan conventions and organizations to establish our place in the fan community while raising money for our chosen charity through our Art Show and Charity Auction. Our emphasis will include at least 20% Educational Programming in history, science, and social science. We also offer Interactive Programming (the "Leather Apron") such as Maker Workshops and Demonstrations, Children's and Family Programming including multi-sensory panels and workshops, Fan-Based Programming like Meet-Ups, Photo Events, and Panels, Entertainment Programming featuring guests from small-screen and big-screen productions for Autograph Sessions, Photo Ops, and Meet & Greets, and most importantly Fan Experiences such as Receptions, Private Parties, and Intimate Fan/Guest Meetings. 

It’s time for some thrilling heroics. We hope that Browncoat WayStation will be your next stop on this long journey. 
Check back for updates. You Can't Stop the Signal!





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